Excellent Guidance Through Texas Estate Law

When a person in Texas passes away, the assets he or she leaves behind are called the estate. A deceased person's estate often includes valuable items like a house, car, bank accounts, personal belongings and investments. To control who receives these assets after your death, it is necessary to create a will.

Practicing Probate Law Since 1982

At Adkisson Law Firm, we help people navigate the complexities of the Texas Estate Code so that the distribution of assets is accomplished as orderly and promptly as possible. The debt of the estate must also be addressed. I represent executors when the deceased left a will as well as establish an administration of the estate when no will exists. You and your family will be advised every step of the way.

How Wills And Other Documents Protect My Clients

Planning for the inevitable is absolutely critical. Those who pass away without a will, leaving an intestate estate, can create a tremendous hardship for their heirs. I am available to review your particular needs and draft all the tools available to you, including:

  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Health care directives, also known as living wills

These and other documents, once properly drawn up and executed, can give you power over financial and medical decisions if you are ever unable to communicate your desires. They can also ensure that your assets will go to the people and organizations you care about the most. We are also available to help you amend out-of-date wills and other related documents.

Efficient And Responsive Probate Guidance

It is the job of the executor to carry out the deceased person's final wishes. Often, this duty falls to a spouse or other family member who has little or no experience with the process. If there is no will, then an estate must be created by an application for a Dependent or Independent Administration. Either way, we are available to executors of a will, or applicants for administration of an intestate estate, with guidance and representation in court. I will help you avoid common errors that can delay the process and create unnecessary expenses. I will also represent you against creditors seeking payment out of the estate.

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