Taking Care Of Your Children

Adkisson Law Firm represents parents in San Antonio and throughout Central Texas who are facing child custody matters. I have more than 34 years of experience in this often complicated and emotionally difficult area of family law and have helped hundreds of parents reach workable and fair custody plans.

Understanding Conservatorship And Possession

Texas law refers to child custody as "conservatorship." A child conservatorship arrangement must make the child's best interests the most important consideration. What exactly your children's best interests are depends on many factors, including how many children are involved, their ages, their health care needs and where they go to school. I will work with you to develop a child custody plan that works for you and your children and negotiate the best possible settlement with your co-parent.

There are many options for child custody, including sharing custody or having one parent retain sole physical custody. In the latter situation, usually the noncustodial parent receives visitation rights, which in Texas is known as "possession of the child" or "access to the child."

Passionate About Protecting Your Children

While I am usually able to reach an agreement on child custody and visitation outside of court, sometimes a trial is necessary. The Texas Family Code is the law that governs conservatorship and possession, among all other aspects affecting parents, children and spouses. As an attorney in Bexar County since 1982, I am deeply familiar with this complex statute and will make a compelling case on your behalf.

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